Most of my written work is scientific in nature. This includes the more than three dozen articles, chapters, and books that I have published since 2006, as well as the dozens of papers and posters presented at conferences around the nation and world.

Recently, I have been doing more towards long-form writing, and currently have book contracts with two publishers. One is for a short-form textbook focusing on only the anxiety and mood disorders, while the other is for a complete college-level textbook in abnormal psychology. I have completed the shorter one, and it should be published soon, while the longer one will likely be wrapped up next year.

After that book, I plan on focusing for a while on writings related to scientific skepticism and freethought. This will include a full-length textbook on science, pseudoscience, and critical thinking, as well as a planned series of children's books that introduce the concepts of critical thinking within the context exciting story. This will also encompass the short essays and commentary I post on the Skeptic Ink Network with my Great Plains Skeptic column.

If you are interested in reading some of my work, please visit my Curriculum Vitae to download copies of articles, chapters, and presentations.




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