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As a psychologist, a scientist, and a professor, I have a deep concern that mental health practitioners use the current best evidence to guide the services they provide their clients. To that end, I have compiled (and will continue adding to) the below links. Included below are treatment manuals, workbooks, self-guided treatment options, and more. If you are aware of something that should be on this list, please send me an email and I will make sure to include it.

Psychopathology Resources

Abnormal Psychology: An E-Text - a free online abnormal psychology textbook, covering all of the DSM-IV disorders, edited by Dr. Lack

ICD-10 Online: Mental and Behavioral Disorders - a free version of the International Classifications of Diseases, 10th edition

The World of Abnormal Psychology - a great video series that is free to watch online

Treatment Guidelines

AACAP Practice Parameters - from the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, PDFs of all their guidelines for treatment

Cochrane Library Reviews - contains independent assessments of the evidence base for various treatment options for developmental, psychosocial, and learning disorders

CBT Interventions Recommended by the NICE - guidelines from the UK's National Health Service on best-practice options for common mood and anxiety disorders

EPC Evidence Reports - collections of mental health and substance abuse reviews from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a US Department of Health & Human Services funded agency

Learning Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Dr. Lack's "Learning CBT" - a collection of lecture materials, slides, and more that I have developed for my courses and workshops.

Teach CBT - the Association for Behavioral & Cognitive Therapies have gathered numerous tools, including videos, syllabi, and lectures, to help people learn about CBT

CBT Training Lectures - a series of slides from presentations by the North West London NHS Foundation Trust Postgraduate Programme in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy

CBT Competencies - an overiew of the general and specific competencies needed by well-trained CBT clinicians; useful for conducting a self-study to determine which areas you need more training in

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Manuals & Tools

CBT Worksheets & Tools - great collection of tools for therapists and clients from

"Treatments That Work" tools - From the Oxford University Press' excellent book series, these are downloadable resources and worksheets to supplement those texts

CBT Worksheets - another great, Creative Commons licensed set of tools from

Handouts, Questionnaires, & Leaflets - from, there are hundreds of useful assessment measures, client handouts, and other tools focused on CBT

Behavioral Activiation forms - forms and handouts from Martell et al.'s Behavioral Activation for Depression

Behavioral Activation in Older Adults - This video series demonstrates the typical steps used in BA (registration required to view).

CBT client forms - from Beck's Cognitive Therapy: Basics and Beyond (2nd Ed)

IAPT's Counseling for Depression - a complete therapist manual for conducting CBT for major depressive disorder

Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD - Online training for learning CPT, an evidence-based treatment for PTSD in adults

Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy - Online training for learning TF-CBT, one of the most effective treatments for PTSD in children

CBT Treatment Manuals - from the Centre for Clinical Interventions, this website contains complete therapist manuals for several disorders, as well as links to self-guided CBT treatments

MoodJuice Professional - contains numerous CBT-based self-help guides for common disorders that professionals can use as well

National Center for PTSD - contains treatment manuals, assessment measures, and training materials on PTSD in civia

ABCT Fact Sheets - these cover numerous problems, from headaches to PTSD to schizophrenia and provide an introduction to the disorder, its symptoms, and  treatment approaches

Motivational Interviewing - A comprehensive website with training materials and tools for learning and utilizing MI

Habit Reversal Treatment for Trichotillomania - A well-written brief overview of the behavioral treatment HRT for trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling)

Tourette's Syndrome Resources - Many free (and some paid) resources to help you effective work with those who have chronic vocal and motor tics

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Self-Help

CBT Self-help Books - these have all received ABCT's "Seal of Merit," as they are based on empirically supported treatments

e-couch - an online CBT-based treatment for depression, generalized anxiety, and social anxiety

Mood Gym - an online CBT-based depression treatment

Recommended Therapist Locators

Association for Behavioral & Cognitive Therapy's "Find a Therapist"

Academy of Cognitive Therapy's Certified Therapists

International OCD Foundation's Treatment Providers

Secular Therapy Project (all therapists are vetted to insure that they are using evidence-based methods)



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