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  • October 2012
The World Psychiatric Association's 2012 conference was in the Czech Republic this year, and so was I! Check out a write-up of the trip here.

Lack w/ poster

  • September 2012
As part of the Oklahoma Network for the Teaching of Psychology annual conference, I presented on the collaborative content development projects my students have been doing for the past four years. Check them out here, here, here, and here.

  • June 2012
I presented at the Oklahoma Freethought Conference, the largest-ever gathering of freethinkers, skeptics, and the like in Oklahoma history - link 1 - link 2

FreeOK 2012

UCO Skeptics & Hemant Mehta
Members of the UCO Skeptics posed at the FreeOK afterparty with popular author and blogger Hemant Mehta

Lack presenting at FreeOK
Leveraging my son's adorableness to my advantage during my FreeOK talk

  • May 2012
I presented two continuing education workshops for the Cherokee Nation Behavioral Health staff and other community mental health practitioners. One was on evidence-based risk management practices and the other focused on the use of best practices in clinical supervision.

  • April 2012
I was awarded the Emergent Faculty Award for Professional Contributions from the College of Education and Professional Studies.

Lack award 2012
Accepting the award from the CEPS adminstration

Each month, the UCO Skeptics cohost a "Disbelief Discourse" with AOK. This month, I was the speaker, and gave a presentation on why you can't trust your brain, focusing on the ways we are easily fooled thanks to how our brain has evolved.

  • March 2012
On March 11, the UCO Skeptics held a protest in downtown Oklahoma City to help educate the public about supposed "psychics" and how they work. This was prompted by a speaking enagagement by television celebrity and author (and alleged psychic medium) John Edward at a hotel downtown. We had an excellent time informing the public and were even picked up for a news story on the local NBC affiliate station. - link 1 - link 2 - link 3

I also spoke to a packed room on "Media Creation in the Classroom: From Papers to Documentaries and Beyond" at the 2012 Heartland eLearning conference. During the talk I demonstrated the documentaries my graduate students had created in my Science vs Pseudoscience course, which can all be viewed below. - link

  • December 2011
In the news here in Oklahoma were some pretty outrageous statements made by a local OU fan via Twitter ahead of the Bedlam football game. News Channel 4 had me comment on the purpose behind saying such things - link

  • August 2011
I was asked to comment on the possible impact of young children wearing clothing with racy or sexual messages for Fox 25's News at 9

Our newly formed group, the UCO Skeptics, was the focus of a lengthy article in the Vista (UCO's student newspaper) - link

  • June 2011
The impact of "cyber bullying" was the topic of a KOKH news story, and they asked me to comment on the impact it could have on a child.

  • February 2011
I was interviewed by the Edmond Outlook for my take on the psychological impact of colors and "chromatherapy" - link

  • January 2011
I was "Tangling with Twisters!" at this month's Born to Do Science program, hosted by award-winning children's singer-songwriter Monty Harper - link

At the start of each program, Monty performs a song he has written about the scientist and his/her area of study. Below is the song he wrote for me!

  • November 2010
One of my students and I were interviewed by KSWO about our research at the 2010 Oklahoma Research Day conference  - link

I also had the great joy of being able to take three UCO students to San Francisco to present at the annual convention of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.

Myself and Shannon Thomason

David Weed and Lauren Winston

  • February 2010
I gave an invited plenary lecture at the WSEAS' Psychiatry and Psychotherapy 2010 conference in Cambridge, UK. I was also able to take over two UCO undergraduates who presented as well. In addition to presenting at the conference, all of our papers were published in the conference proceedings and were also deemed in the top 30% of accepted papers. - link 1 - link 2

Lack at Cambridge

Trinity College
The students, David Weed and Matt Kincheloe, and I at Trinity College



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